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What Is A Structural Engineer Inspection?

Have you been noticing structural cracks in your home? Well, ignoring them isn't a good idea,

as such defects can leave your house vulnerable to further damage. It's a rather common

misconception that structural problems only occur in homes that have been around for more

than a decade. But the truth is, even a recently built house can be structurally weak if

constructed poorly.

So what should you do in such a situation? Well, the best way forward is to reach out to an

experienced structural engineer for a thorough inspection of your home. Their report will help

you understand the exact condition of your house. Not sure how it works? Read on to know

more about structural engineer inspections and when to go for it.

What Exactly Is A Structural Engineer Inspection?

Structural engineer inspection is basically a visual inspection performed on a house to assess if

it is structurally sound or not. It is done by a structural engineer, who looks into the different

components of the house, including the foundation, beams, columns, and so on.

Depending on the type of damage suspected by the house owner, a structural engineer may be

called upon to analyze specific parts of the building or even the whole structure. After analysis,

the structural engineer provides a detailed report highlighting the condition of the building.

When Do You Need To Get A Structural Inspection Done?

Now that you know what a structural inspection is let's take a look at the situations where you

might need to get one done.

Purchasing A House

If you have shortlisted a house for purchasing, it's essential to get its structural integrity

checked by an expert. If the inspector notices any abnormalities with the load-bearing

components of the house, they may recommend an examination of the same by a structural

engineer. And if any serious issues are uncovered in the report, you can either negotiate on the

final price or look for a more structurally sound house.

Selling A House

A structural engineer inspection can help you determine the extent of damage to your house

and set a price accordingly. In case the damage is minor, you can do the necessary repair and

then list it on the marketplace for a good price. Potential buyers will be more attracted to a

property whose structural soundness has been verified by a structural engineer.

Structural Movement

Cracks or bulges in the walls, uneven or sloping floors - these are all examples of structural

movement. And while small changes in the house’s structure are normal, if it poses a risk to the

safety of the inhabitants, it's best to get the issue analyzed by a structural engineer. This is

especially true if you are noticing these movements after a recent remodeling that may have

affected any load-bearing component.

Foundation Cracks

If your house has been around for years, it's normal to have some cracks in its foundation. But,

if the size of the crack increases to one-fourth of an inch or you notice vertical or stair-step

cracks, it's time for a structural inspection. The structural engineer can help you locate the root

cause of the crack and repair it before it causes further damage to the foundation.

Storm Damage Assessment

Storms can damage the structural integrity of your house. So if you have home insurance and

want to file a claim to repair any such damage, attaching an assessment report provided by a

structural engineer can increase the chances of your claim being accepted by the insurance


Heat Loss Issues

Structural weaknesses can intensify heat loss from your house, leading to numerous problems,

including higher energy bills. A structural engineer inspection can help you find the origin of this

issue, enabling you to fix it quickly.

Drainage Issues

Poor drainage can not only weaken the structure of your home but also lead to water stains or

flaking on the walls. A structural engineer can help identify the areas that need repair and also

recommend the right water management system to keep your house’s structural integrity


Summing Up

So, if you have been noticing any structural damage in your house, now is the best time to get

in touch with a structural engineer. These professionals will help analyze the cause of damage,

helping you repair your home in time before it leads to any safety hazard.

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